Our Arizona Adventure!

We just got back from our mini getaway to Sedona, Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Arizona and Meteor Crater, Arizona.  It was a quick 3 day trip that packed a lot of walking and beautiful vistas!  It was my first time to Sedona and I must say that the place has a magical and spiritual feel to it…..its hard to explain, maybe its the beautiful Red Rock mountains that surround this beautiful place along with its people? Who really knows but we enjoyed the unique adobe homes and laid back people.  My wife and I will certainly come back and spend more time here.IMG_3347


Our next excursion was to the Grand Canyon…..a name fitting for such an amazing place! Its hard to imagine how this canyon was formed by the eroding forces of the Colorado river over millions of years! I was here several years ago and it never gets old because every time that you look down into the canyon, you’ll see so many new and different features that mother nature created for us to enjoy.  The weather was perfect because it was not too hot and there was a refreshing breeze.  We also enjoyed a great lunch at the Tovar Hotel…..a must go to place if you would like to experience an old world cabin feel.



The last leg of our sojourn to Arizona wrapped up at the Crater Canyon…..initially I really wasn’t interested in going to this place but with some encouraging words from my wife, we made the quick trip from Flagstaff to this pretty cool place.  If you’re a geology fan or are just interested in how things on earth are formed….its a must see.  Its amazing to see what the impact of meteor is when it manages to enter the earths atmosphere.


If you have a 3 free days to be able to spend time with your family, I would highly recommend coming to these beautiful natural beauties….its inexpensive and your family will have a ball!

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