Do Immigrants have better prospects in the USA than its natural born citizens?

The answer is not necessarily…..immigrants take advantage of the opportunities that every American born citizen has but with one distinction. They have come to this country because the opportunities that the USA offers is much greater than that of the country they immigrated from……that is why they wanted to come here. Most immigrants don’t take for granted or waste these opportunities because they know that this is truly a land of opportunity.

With respect to student loans…..we don’t know if the immigrants have outstanding student loans…each situation is different. I can say this with utmost certainty that most immigrants because of their culture who come here is also responsible to help provide for their families back in their home country. Remittance is a significant contribution to the GDP of many of the immigrants country of origin.

Many Americans only see an immigrants success because of the fruits of their labor but they don’t realize the sweat, pain and suffering that they had to endure just to get to this country.


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