Upper Antelope Canyon – Page, Arizona


Just a short drive from the Horseshoe Bend is the Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon slots. We chose the Upper slot because we found out that its light features and crevices are much more distinct.  As you will see, the pictures are just spectacular!


Our trek started at the Adventurous Tour Company.  This tour is organized and operated by the Navajo Indians. They’re well organized and the tour guides are very knowledgeable and friendly.  The guides help you setup your camera to the right settings and they also help you take pictures. I used an I-Phone 7 plus set on the chrome filter setting to take these photos. You start off on this adventure by taking a 10 minute ride in an off road vehicle…to the Upper Antelope Canyon entrance.

The ride is a bit bumpy but its also a lot of fun! Once we got to our destination, we were in awe of how isolated this place is.  The ancient Navajo Indians must of had sharp eyes because from afar, its very difficult to see that there is a slotted canyon at the base of this huge rock formation that soar hundreds of feet tall.

Once inside, you will notice how wide eyed everyone is because what they see, doesn’t appear to be real! Its like you’re traveling through a part of a Star Wars movie set…its that unreal!  If a picture says a thousand words, this place would certainly says a million words! While walking through this canyon, you’ll have to navigate through the crowd of people because, the groups ahead of your group turn around and head back out towards the entrance of the canyon slot.  The light that sneaks its way through the upper section of this canyon towards the floor offer such vivid colors and contrast.



The walk through the canyon is about 30 minutes or so.  The tour guides are patient and they allow you to take as many pictures as your heard desires.  Its an amazing experience because the light reflections and rock formations that you see from each and every angle as you look upwards is indescribable.


My wife and I were blown away but this very beautiful place!  We highly recommend everyone to visit and experience one of God’s truly beautiful creations!



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