Horseshoe bend, Arizona.

IMG_3034The Horseshoe Bend located in Page, Arizona is such and awesome sight to see…it’s absolutely breathtaking!

The entrance into the park leads you into a large parking lot. There are bathroom facilities that are clean and plentiful. There is no fee but the park has posted hours. If you plan on using a drone to take pictures, you’re out of luck…they’ve posted “No Drones” all over the park.


The hike from the parking area was a bit strenuous but if you’re in decent shape you should be able to handle it very easily. The weather on this particular day was very, very hot, a very 105 degree hot! If you plan on making this worthwhile trek, make sure that you wear a pair of study shoes (we used our hiking shoes), a hat and bring plenty of drinking water. The trail to the horseshoe bend is sandy and very loose so you have to be carefully.  Once you reach the summit of the trail your breath will be taken away by the vastness of this Canyon! IMG_3019Mother Nature’s work here is perfect!  The rock formations and the depth of the canyon is breathtaking! It’s hard to imagine how long it took to carve the beautifully shaped horseshoe through this rock? There are a lot of people who make this short hike to experience one of the worlds greatest views. This is a must see if you’re in Page, Arizona to see the Antelope canyons (upper and lower).  We’re off to our next trek……the Upper Antelope Canyon slot!

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