How I Started My Own Business After A Messy Divorce.

Susan Gee

By guest blogger: Emily Gee

Seven years ago, my husband of fifteen years calmly asked me for a divorce. My first reaction was to laugh.

“What a flat joke darling, please stop! I’m not in the mood; my head is killing me!”

“I’m not joking Emily, I’m sorry about your headache, but I really want a divorce.”

“But why Edward?” my reply was barely a whisper.

The next words he uttered were to haunt me for the next twelve months or so,

“I do love you Emily, the same way I love our kids, but I’m no longer in love with you. I don’t want us to argue or fight about this, and neither do I wish to hurt you. But I believe I would be hurting you more if I were to continue living this lie – Emily, I have found someone else, please let me go. Don’t worry; I am leaving you the house and the car.”

It was the worst day of my life(or so I thought) – my husband, who I still loved, had just said to my face that he no longer loved me!

But why?

I wondered until I could wonder no more. We had practically been together all our lives. We had gotten married immediately after high school, and he had always been there for me, – telling me he loved me and supporting me in every decision I made – including the decision to sacrifice my dream to become a nurse to take care of my kids – to take care of him.

I was very confused.

Maybe he no longer finds me attractive; maybe I no longer keep the house neat and tidy as I used to………

To cut the long story short, I did give him the divorce, after all, he no longer loved me – what was left to fight for?

He did keep his promise of leaving us (my kids and I) the house and the car. I went through a terrible bout of depression thereafter– sleeping all day, going for weeks without combing my hair, brushing my teeth, or having a bath, eating all the junk I could lay my hands on.

Until one morning when my mother came to see me,

“I can no longer recognize you, where is the fighter I brought up? Don’t you realize your children are suffering because of this?” she uttered those words tearfully and left.

Her tears brought me back to reality; I was a fighter, I still had something to fight for – my children and my mother.

But how?

I rose from my untidy bed, searched for a notepad and a pen and wrote everything that was going through my mind- the good and the bad!

The first thing I wrote was, “I’m a failure, I wish I had gone to college!

The second thing I wrote was, “I have to fight for the ones that still love me. I may not have a college education, but I will fight with what I have.

“All I have is a high school diploma and literally no savings.”

“But I have a kind, caring, and compassionate aptitude,” I thought out loud.

“I also have a car,” I wrote that down too.

“I may not have achieved my dream of becoming a registered nurse, but I will achieve something,” I swore to myself.

The next day, I borrowed my son’s laptop and conducted a Google search with the following words:

“What kind of business can I start with zero capital, a reliable car, and a caring heart?”

The top 3 results I got suggested an elderly care business and Voila! Everything fell into place.

I conducted yet another search this time looking for an institution that offered caregiving classes near me and identified one.

That evening, I called my mother and asked for a small loan which I used to enroll myself for an online caregiving training program. I used the rest of the money to place an ad on the local paper.

The next morning, I received a call; a young woman was looking for a person to help her aging mother with her daily activities of living such as meal preparation, light housework, running errands, and companionship.

She was willing to pay up to $18 per hour. I accepted, and the rest is history.

Today, six years on, I am the proud owner of a successful non-medical home care agency employing over 30 caregivers.

That is how I overcame my depression, by starting my own business with practically no capital!

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